Author: Anibal

Beyond Bitcoin: Stacks, a Decentralized Democratic Internet

Many people are becoming familiar with Bitcoin and the concept of blockchain technology. However, not many are aware of the magnitude of the technological and societal revolution we are witnessing. It is not just the better money (see post on this here) that was created in 2008. The technology behind it will change the way […]

Freehold: A Concept with a Transformational Potential

The Crypto space and blockchain technology, in general, are growing fast. Most newcomers get attracted to it when they see the growth in price in many Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin being the most well-known and dominant. In other words, most people come for the money, as they see that many of these assets outperform any other type […]

Better Money?

I have been thinking about the meaning of money for some time now. One of the most compelling ways of describing it is to say that Money is “an instrument to facilitate trade”. If I produce tomatoes, and I need bread, I can go to the baker and exchange my tomatoes for bread. But that only works […]